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The summer is zipping by with some extremely hot days here in Charlotte, NC.  We continue on with TAAT (targeted amino acid therapy) and have started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor both for me and for one of our DD’s.  For me the ND and using homeopathy has been nothing  short of a miracle for treating the Meneire’s Disease.  It has been almost a month with no vertigo.  I have been reading a fascinating book, “Impossible Cure” about homeopathy.  There truly seems to be some great promise in homeopathy and it certainly ties right into how I believe the body functions, as a whole and not individual parts.

So that being said, we will start homeopathy with our other DD soon.  Of course in NC insurance covers NO alternative medicine, but I can get as much Valium as I want for the vertigo (which I have never taken).  Anyway, I digress, we have come to the conculsion that one of our DDs is on the autism spectrum.  Hard to say if it is a result of institutionalization or not.  I have been reading some good articles regarding this by Ron Federici.  http://www.rainbowkids.com/expertarticledetails.aspx?id=59

I think that our DD’s situation is that she probably already had an inherant tendancy towards autism and the institutionlization may have initiated it.  It is hard to say and I am amazed at how complex the body/mind is.


Melissa R.