Back to School – #1

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Ok, most are already going back to school soon or have already started.  Being a past public school teacher, I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about teachers.  First, teachers get no training in childhood trauma and how to manage these children.  The training the teachers receive is behavior based and almost wholly based on how to extinguish incorrect behavior.  There is very little or no training given to where these kiddos behaviors are coming from.  It is a rare teacher that has done training on how to reach and teach non-neuro typical children.  So it is up to us as parents to help educate parents and administration as to how to best reach and teach our kids.  Here are my best tips:

  1. Truly try to empathize where your child’s teacher is coming from.  They are under tremendous pressure to meet state and national standards and work in a system of accountability.  This system of accountability (standardized testing) creates a system of stress from the top down because school monies and bonuses are often tied into the testing scores.  This system does NOT teach the way children learn.  Not to mention that teachers often have overpopulated classrooms and need to teach to a wide variety of needs.
  2. Start off soft with your teacher by offering to volunteer and help with what you can.  Offer to volunteer one day a week to do whatever the teacher needs.  Bring small gifts to your teacher (cup of coffee etc.)  Once the teacher sees that you are “on her side” she will be able to better hear what you have to say.
  3. Be soft, but assertive at the beginning.  Proactive, proactive, proactive is the key.  Don’t wait until there is a problem to bring up your child’s trauma.  The first conference is often in October, this is WAY to long to wait to let your child’s teacher know about your child’s history.  DON’T stand at your teacher’s door for an impromptu meeting.  This is very difficult for teachers. It is distracting and not safe for the rest of the class.  Plus you will not have the teacher’s undivided attention.  It would be much better to give a little gift with a note attached that you would like to have a meeting.

Stay tuned for the next post about how to manage the first conference.




Back to School

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As all of us approach back to school we often dread the behavior report cards that come home everyday.  Will our little one be on red for talking in line or not raising their hand?  More importantly how does the trigger you and how connected you feel with your child.  In the next two weeks I will be blogging about back to school issues and how to deal with them.

Stay tuned….

Melissa R.