Back to school….Teacher Conferences

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Ok, long overdue, but here are my best tips for teacher conferences:

  1. Ground yourself in prayer and/or meditation ahead of time.
  2. Hopefully you have worked to create a positive relationship with the teacher before the conference.  If not, start now!
  3. If you feel it is not going to be a short conference, then ask the teacher to schedule extra time.
  4. Don’t go in with an attitude.  Try to see things from your teacher’s perspective.  They are under a great deal of pressure.
  5. It certainly doesn’t hurt to go in with a gift of appreciation.
  6. Be your child’s best advocate.  Sometimes parents get so much advice from so many different people they lose sight of what is best for their child.  Train yourself to be still and meditate.  You have been given a “sixth” sense or parenting sense – your gut.  This will never lead you wrong.  Still all the other voices and listen to your gut.
  7. If your child has special needs, don’t expect that your child’s teacher is going to be an expert in those special needs.  You have got to be the expert.  But present this information in a spirit of humbleness.
  8. If the teacher is obstinate or difficult to deal with, keep your cool / stay regulated, and don’t be afraid to pull in administration if needed.
  9. Plan ahead of time the questions you want to ask.
  10. If things are not going smoothly for your child.  Come up with an action plan with your child’s teacher with items that you and the teacher will be working on.  Make an appointment to meet again in two to four weeks.
  11. Lastly, don’t be paralized by fear!  You are your child’d best advocate!  Sometimes we have to get creative with our options for our kids.  Don’t be afraid to make hard and radical decisions.



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