How to Help Our Children Heal / Develop Wholly – Repost

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I figured this was worth repeating this information from almost a year ago!

Even though a “cure” would be perfect in helping children with trauma heal, a magic pill is not to be had.  So there is a “formula” that needs to be adhered to so that they can heal.  Additionally, I know that ALL children need these things in varying degrees to wholly develop.

So now for the formula. I truly feel that in order for our children to heal / wholly develop, there must be a four-pronged approach. So now for the four prongs (with some explanation). Our children must have:

1. Therapeutic / love-based parenting. This means we, as parents, have to figure out our own stuff so that we can successfully bond with our children and parent them from a place of unconditional love. Most of our kids have very little in the way of emotional regulation and we must love them and give them our emotional regulation. Through helping them emotionally regulate they create new neural pathways. We as parents also have to help them fill in the developmental gaps that are missing.  Additionally, all kiddos have varying degrees of emotional regulations and need help with regulation.  Don’t mistake your kiddos for “little adults”.

2. Solid nutrition and supplementation. The brains of kids’ that have had trauma are truly “on fire” with excitatory neurotransmitters and and solid nutrition and supplementation (such as targeted amino acid therapy) can “calm the storm”. This in turn allows for therapeutic work to happen (gives some foundation and support). Sometimes our kiddos need special diets as well, as their histamines can be way up. Sometimes they need to be gluten free etc.  Additionally, homeopathy is a way for children’s bodies and brains to heal from the inside out.  Homeopathy is not about suppressing symptoms, it is about bodies actually healing (more about this later).

All kids need solid nutrition and supplementation.  Parents need to be educated about the food we are putting in our kids bodies and the medicines / vaccinations that we are introducing in their systems.

3. Therapeutic body / brain work. There are many ways to get at this, but when children have experienced trauma they have developmental gaps in their brains. (Imagine the brain as a pyramid of blocks, some of our kids blocks are filled in, but many of them in the lower levels of the brain are not.) So our kids need neuroreorganization work, neurofeedback, regression (although it’s not truly regression if they never got it in the first place), EMDR, massage, yoga, movement therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom), AVE (audio visual entrainment).  There is quite a few different therapies that access the lower levels of thebrain. But, per Dr. Bruce Perry, in order for therapies to be healing they need to be rythmic. We have used a variety of techniques with our children. We are currently working through filling in developmental gaps with neurological reorganization, but we have also done EMDR, massage, yoga, and AVE. I think families have to figure out what works for them.

For parents who are parenting neuro-typical kiddos, do not underestimate the role of touch, nurturing, creeping, crawling, breastfeeding etc.  These things create the building blocks for future growth / development.

4. Parent Support. Parents must be supported through the healing process of
the children. This includes working with a good attachment therapist, both for the child and for yourself. Being part of an attachment support group, getting in touch with your spirituality, parent coaching, taking care of yourself (massage etc )and having a supportive group of friends.  I also have a prayer group, that I meet with bi-weekly. And I have two friends that have children that are also challenging and I can call them at a drop of a hat.

All parents need people in their lives that can be emotionally present with them; not judging, not suggesting, not critiquing, just being “there”.  This makes it possible for us (parents) to learn to listen to their God-given “sixth” – parenting sense.  Some people call this, listening to your gut.  Get quiet and listen to your gut!

I will add that in my life, I could not walk this walk personally or professionally without a whole lot of prayer.  Prayer is what, in my darkest hours, sustains me.  I have also fervently prayed for God’s healing of my children.  I do believe that He is the ultimate healer.

This is a very reader’s digest version of many, many years of research, but take it for what it is.

Sincerely and blessings towards healing,

Melissa E. Robinson, MAT, BCI Certified Trainer

“Perfect Love Casts Out Fear”

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