Homeopathy – My Personal Story

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If you have kept up with my posts, you know that a few years ago I was diagnosed Meneire’s Disease (an inner ear dysfunction that causes vertigo, brain fog, tinnitus, and hearing loss).  Needless to say the disease started to progress and I was having more hearing loss, vertigo etc.  There is no cure for Meneire’s Disease in conventional medicine and all care is palliative.  I decided to turn to homeopathy to address the issues.  I am so happy to report that I am almost asymptomatic and have absolute faith that I will be cured of Meniere’s Disease

Our dear daughters are also being treated for their early trauma experiences with homeopathy as well.  The effects have been very good.  We are slowly seeing resolution of some emotional issues and a greater level of maturity (more cognitive function).  As I’ve written before supplementation and nutrition is one of the four important parts of children’s wholeness and healing.  There is no magic bullet for healing for non-neurotypical children, but homeopathy pushes the body to heal.  It is not about suppressing symptoms.

For the thousands and thousands of dollars we have spent on various therapies, this has definitely been worth the money.  The homeopathic remedy is under $20.00 a month and we spend about $100.00 a month now on follow-up visits with Dr. Michael Smith our homeopath.  And we run our expenses for this through the flexible spending account.

The cool thing is that homeopathy can be done long distance.  It is very easy for Dr. Smith to do the initial evaluation and follow-up appointments via phone and webcam.

Dr. Smith’s initial consultation is free, so it is well worth investigating.

If you want to read more about homeopathy, read my my other post about the subject.

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