Life on the Hamster Wheel?

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Do you ever think that you are living life on a hamster wheel (just like our little hamster, Cutie)?  Man, I do at times.  Until something will just smack you between the eyes and make you jump off and take a look around.  I had such an experience today when I had someone ( a salesperson) be rude to my sweet precious older daughter.  It took that moment for me to step off that wheel and realize how many times a day I miss connecting with my children.  It can be done in the simplest of things, like just bending down to get eye to eye when I am talking to them. 

I often rush through the tasks of life, spending most of my mental power ticking off what I have gotten done and what needs to be done next.  I also spend a great deal of time worrying about if they are learning enough, doing enough/right activities, and getting the right exposure to things.  Wow!  If I spent that worry time connecting instead there would be no need to worry about all of those things!  Has worry added one day to your life?  It has probably taken away days off mine.

Stop worrying everyone, and start connecting!

Blessing, Melissa