Back again…..Meneire’s does not own me!

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After many years of not blogging, I have been prompted by a good friend to give it another try…..

Being on the computer or really any device is not always awesome for me. My body has something called Meneire’s Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that causes a whole host of crappy symptoms; the worst of which is vertigo drop attacks, deafness and constant ear ringing.

You may have noticed that I have said that my body has Meneire’s Disease. I have felt very led to not claim Meneire’s Disease as my own and not allow it to become the definition of who I am.

This is very, very hard because with a chronic illness, daily life often becomes all about waking up and immediately assessing how does my body feel, what do I have to do today that is going to tax me, what do I need to do today to control my symptoms, how do I not become self-focused on MY self.

So I do not claim Meneire’s Disease and I will not allow it to claim me. It is something my body has, but it does not have me. I took this picture of myself today as a reminder of how strong I actually am inside and out. Even as I write this I have flickers of vertigo from being in front of the screen. But I will persevere and hopefully others will be encouraged!

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